Is Email Marketing Important for your Online Business?

digital marketing email marketing email marketing course marketing Feb 12, 2023
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Absolutely yes! In fact, email marketing is probably the most important part of building your online business. I have heard some in the online space argue that email is dead. That people do not open emails anymore, and that is somewhat true. A standard open rate for an email campaign hover between 25-50% depending on how engaged your audience is, but that far outweighs the 3-6% of your audience who will see your social media post. 


I think we all remember the Facebook outage in 2021. All of the Meta platforms crashed and were out of action for six to seven hours, causing a loss of c. $60 million in advertising revenue for the platform. It was a stark reminder for marketers spending their advertising dollars on that platform that they are building their houses on rented land. 


You don’t own your Facebook and Instagram business pages and their audience. These can be switched off tomorrow, so if you are staking your whole business on leveraging these platforms, you may regret that one day. 


Your email list is your business’s most valuable asset. If you think of Facebook as your shop front window, your email list is the shoppers who come in to browse. If you don’t let them in because you have no way for them to join your email list or you neglect them once they are in the shop,  they will never become customers. 


The main focus of all your social media marketing should be to encourage your people in to browse (aka join your Mailing List, connect on Messenger, or join your Facebook Group ). The people who are following you are primarily your cold audience. They are aware of you, but probably not considering a purchase at that stage. If you sell directly from your Facebook page and only from your Facebook page, you are unlikely to achieve many sales. It is important to have sales funnels which bring these potential customers in at the awareness stage and demonstrate the value you can provide, building relationships and showing that you are the one they need to work with to solve their problems. 


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